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About Your Coach

Aurélie Hartmann is a Mindset & Creativity Coach, a musician, podcast creator, author and speaker. She is trilingual in French, English and Spanish.


She's always been passionate about SO many things, and about doing them VERY WELL.


She loves to learn new languages, not only the ones she speaks, but also the language of the mind (NLP), the language of music that she channels, the language of tarot and cards.

After studying in business school, while continuing her violin progress at a Conservatoire near Paris, she connected to her intuitive gifts through meditation and contemplation. She realised that she was meant to channel messages through music and poetry. She also connected to her love of authentic conversations, and started a podcast. She realised that her conversations were really helping her friends, and learned that that was called coaching.

Her mission is to show you by example that you can be who you are, with all your different colours, and that it is more than enough!

No, you don't have to "choose" one thing just to reassure others! You are perfect as you are, with your quirks and multiple facets. Geniuses, creators, even though they may have been known for only one of their creations, were always versed in a variety of creative endeavours. Look at Leonardo Da Vinci, Einstein...


We need to ditch the idea that only what is recognised externally is useful and meaningful. Keep sowing, keep cultivating all parts of you. They are all treasures.

Also, Aurélie likes to remind you that "harsh" moments are also important: they are the mud that we are made of as human beings, and that keeps us humble, opening us to the divine will that wants to fill our cup with gladness and inspiration... After experiencing toxic relationships and a heavy emotional burnout, she realised that the most powerful tool was her own kindness towards herself. She also went deeper with awareness, thanks to a very consistent meditation and writing practice.

Becoming wiser as a result of difficult experiences, doesn't mean that you lose your sense of humour: it's actually the opposite! Being spiritual and committed on your healing journey, doesn't mean being serious. That's why she got inspired to embrace the spirit of The Fool Archetype. 

Be Foolish. Be Yourself. 

The world needs more of that.

  • Certified in Coaching by the Institut de Coaching International (Switzerland)

  • Certified in Life & Success Coaching, NLP and Hypnosis by the Yes Supply Method (Canada)

  • Grande Ecole Master in Management Degree, ESCP Business School

  • 5+ years experience in Mindfulness Meditation (Vipassana & MBSR)

  • Certified in Reiki Level 1

  • 20+ hours of training in Non Violent Communication

  • Masters Thesis: Creating Meaning through Presence : What Thich Nhat Hahn's Mindfulness Practice Teaches on Compassionate Leadership.


“Thanks to her listening and soft guidance, Aurélie creates a trust that helped me to regain self-esteem. I learned to listen to myself and to be more flexible; and more importantly, to use my sensitivity as a strength. I feel so much more joyful and balanced in my personal life. Professionally, while I used to feel inadequate, now I’ve finally started the journey of changing paths, according to my values and abilities.”

Nathalie — Certified Life Coach, Île de la Réunion, France

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